Who I am

I won’t apologize for things I’ve done
or decisions I’ve made
My path has nothing to do with
YOUR egotistical or insecure bullshit
That’s you, not me

So here’s a new set of rules baby…
If you can’t handle it
then go away
If you can’t deal with the truth
then go away
If you’re not willing to look at your own life shit
then don’t darken my doorway another minute

I gave you freedom to be yourself
It’s your choice to use it
But that mask you wear is getting pretty tattered
and old

You are who you are
Don’t apologize for the things you’ve done
or the decisions you’ve made
Your path has nothing to do with
MY egotistical or insecure bullshit
That’s me, not you

What’s our responsibility, you ask?
Learn baby!
Learn from the things we’ve done
and the decisions we’ve made
You ever think life brought us together
To learn from each other?

But let’s be clear
I am who I am
and I won’t wear the mask you hold for me
I won’t be something I’m not
And I can’t change my past

Deal with me
Or move on

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I wrote this about three years ago while going through some struggles with my boyfriend. It was my way of reaffirming that I am a wonderful, special, and sometimes quirky person, and that it’s okay.