The Book

For years now, I’ve been journaling about my life and how childhood sexual abuse has affected me as an adult. Besides therapy, I believe journaling has helped save my life. It’s allowed me the opportunity to say anything I wanted while remaining completely anonymous. It’s allowed me to rant, rave, cry, vent, be silly, and make confessions I would never have made before.

Now, I’m taking everything I’ve learned about myself along the way, as well as the experiences of some courageous volunteers, and composing a book designed to help women and men who were sexually abused as children. The book will also serve as a tool for friends and loved one’s to assist them in understanding the people we are now.

It’s the complexity of who we are that makes us special and unique individuals.

When the book is ready for publication, I will include an update here. In the meantime, please check back daily for new posts and always feel free to comment.


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